I'm not saying life would end without these things
but it is a whole lot better with them.

My Wife
A lovely, gentle Scottish lady who puts up with me and my funny ways. I love her very much.
My Family
We don't so much have a family tree as a small family plant. But it is a perennial and has the most beautiful flowers.




The Garden
There is a deep sense of being and well-being in maintaining a garden. I delight to see the seasons cycle through blossum-leaf-fruit-bareness, all the while changing colour. I have a less than amicable relationship with the possums, who share my love.
Start the day with a short black sweetened with dark brown sugar, followed by a long very milky white and I can face anything the day has to offer.
Granted I would not like slaughtering my own animals but I enjoy meat. I also dislike the term vegetarian; it is too emotionally loaded. I love fresh pasta and home made pesto sauce; there is no meat in it but I don't consider there a need to call it vegetarian.
If Mozart didn't get to heaven, nobody will.
There is little to compare with the intimate contact of skin on skin for pure sensual pleasure. Be it massages, fondles, caresses, sex, or a cuddle. Or having your hair played with; your feet (gently) tickled. It is communication at the most basic and direct level, Neuron to Neuron.
Cabernet Merlot, for preference.
Hot Baths
A hot bath, a little Mozart, and a small bowl of good ice-cream. And my wife. We have a big bath.




I plant my basil on November 1st (southern hemisphere) - it is the messenger of summer.
The most wonderful sound in the world.
Getting mail.
eMail is nice but real mail (don't repeat that mindless 'snail mail' crap.) is tangible. People like receiving real letters and cards. I like sending them.




Lying in bed listening to the rain outside.
Warm, snug, knowing the garden is happy. Cuddle someone special for extra points.
The Sea.
Walking on the beach, especially on a drizzly day, is delightful. Returning home to a log fire and a warm drink. Watching thunder storms over the sea. Magic. Watching kids play on the beach...a delight, if the thought police don't arrest you as a latent paedophile.
It has all been said before. They are a joy.
It is escapism. I slip into another world, a trance, and am in the movie. It does mean that I tend to cry a lot but I am used to that now. Who cares what other people think?


Early mornings.
The smells and atmosphere in the early morning are like no other; especially before the start of a very hot day. Sunrises make the rising worthwhile, too.
I am not afraid of spiders, just prudently cautious of ones that may be poisonous. Largely I let them live their lives and I ask no more than they let me live mine. I used to look askance at the arrival of webs in my garden but I reframed that feeling: I buy glitter from the newsagent and sprinkle it in the webs! It looks beautiful.
To be sitting somewhere dry, watching a good electrical storm is just majestic. The greatest show on earth.
Produce in season.
Modern supermarkets bring in food from around the globe, picked early and stored cold; horrible stuff. There is a joy in looking forward to fruit and vegetables and their seasons. Part of fighting depression involves getting people to look forward, beyond today, to anticipate and wait for future pleasures. To have something to look forward to. Seasonal produce must help. It does me.
English, a harlot of a language, but I love it.
Cooking is art, cooking is chemistry, cooking is theatre. Cooking is giving that you can share too.




This particular one, the Ulysses butterfly from Dunk Island, is my wife's favourite. The whole caterpillar to butterfly thing is amazing. How a many-legged eating machine transforms into a six-legged flying machine is staggering. And they are beautiful as well!
They say so much without having to say anything.
It has been a love of mine since I first used my pockemoney to buy chemicals and tried to blow up the garden shed. A short but noisy career in rocketry followed.
I have a primal need for things to make sense. If this, then that. Consequently, I believe in nothing paranormal.