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  1. Education
  2. Jobs
  3. Affiliations
  4. Interests
  5. Loves
  6. Hates
  7. Likes & Dislikes
  8. Rough Timeline
  9. Miscellaneous Info.

Carnegie Primary School
Murrumbeena High School
Hamilton High School
Healesville High School
University of Melbourne - Bachelor of Applied Science (Applied Chemistry)
Deakin University - Psychology (Honours)

Strawberry picking - Healesville.
Cleaning Cars - Southern Motors.
Loading Trains, Spencer Street rail yards.
Lugging semi-frozen fish-heads - some cold store somewhere.
Gardener - Governement House, Melbourne.
Shift Chemist - John Lysaghts, Hastings, Victoria.
Chemist - Davy Research, Stockton on Tees.
Chemist - Abu Kammash, Libya.
Chemist - Carlton & United Breweries.
Laboratory Manager - Consulchem, private laboratory, Melbourne.
Scientific Officer - Toxicology Laboratories, Coroner's Court, Melbourne.
Chemist, then Analyst, then Partner - Dunn, Son & Stone, food laboratory, Melbourne.
Operations (Private Clients) Manager, Agriquality, Melbourne.
Laboratory Director, Silliker Australia, Melbourne.
Customer Technical Support - Chemistry, DTS Food Assurance, Melbourne.

Approved Analyst, the Victorian Food Act 1984.
Member, Australian New Zealand Forensic Science Society.
Associate Member, Royal Australian Chemical Institute.
Associate Member, Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology.
Member, Australian Skeptics.

Running own Superannuation Fund
Psychology and human behavior.
Classical Philosophy, esp Stoics.

They have their own page...

Trick question. I endeavour not to hate anyone or anything. At a lower intensity, see the list of things I dislike and would not miss.

Likes and Dislikes. Incomplete, always will be. The order is not significant.

From 'Loves' page. Details
My wife.
My family.
The Garden.
Hot baths.
Getting real mail.
Lying in bed, listening to the rain.
The Sea.
Early mornings.
Cobwebs (outside!).
Produce in season.

Humour and the silly side of everything.
Vanilla Icecream
Keeping promises
Home made pasta
Candle-lit dinners
Dark chocolate
Impressionist painters
Port & Stilton cheese
The seasons
People who smile
Birds in the garden
A herb garden
Baked cheesecake
The inherent beauty of everything
Picnics under the trees at the cricket
Watching cats move
War. And conflict generally.
George Bush and the NeoCons
Capital punishment
Politicians generally
Brussels Sprouts
Tripe and white sauce
Advertisements pushing desire, paid for with debt.
Saying 'Isn't it an awful day' when it is just raining.
People saying 'Have a nice day' when you are feeling miserable.
Labels and stereotypes
Prudes (but not necessarily 'prudence')
Fast food
Grumblers & whiners
Movie sequels
Evangelists of all persuasions
Coolstore apples
Sweetcorn in winter
Economic rationalism
Gelatine based cheesecakes
Phone 'trees' - 'Press 1 if you...'
Phones, mobile or static, and their false urgency
The antisocial barriers MP3 players create.
Raw oysters
Xenophobia and racism
The Media generally
Football of all codes
Misuse of the word 'hero'.
The Olympics and Commonwealth Games
The theft of the word 'gay'
Icecream with 'bits' in it
Xmas carols in November
Hot Cross Buns in January
Crockery with pictures on it
Food claiming to be 'chemical free'.
Asking 'How are you?" and getting 'Not bad' as the answer.

Rough Timeline (Incomplete! And long may it remain so!)
1954 Launched upon a largely unsuspecting world at the Queen Victoria Hospital, since demolished.
1956 Apparently set fire to Granny's kitchen.
1960 Carnegie Primary School. Called a 'Neveryready Battery' by my grade six teacher and haven't forgotten. Bastard.
1966 Secondary School - Murrumbeena for two weeks, Hamilton for 18mths, Healesville for the balance.
1971 Bid Healesville HS farewell
1972-5 Did B.App.Sci (Applied Chemistry) - pretty focused on plastics.
1976 First serious job at John Lysaghts - in a steel mill. Put plastics career on hold.
1977 Travel to Egypt, sail up Nile to Sudan, visit game parks in Kenya. On return flight plane 'loses' an engine (!!), spend day in Madras and have curried frogs legs.
1978 A chance conversation with a friend went along the lines of 'wouldn't it be nice to spend New Year in Edinburgh?' Took it to heart - sold everything and headed off to Edinburgh. Terrible misunderstanding - she was only meaning a four week holiday.
1979 See a bit of Europe, travel to Nepal and join a group doing a bus trip back to London (cheat and fly over Iran - there were some Americans in the group and we were too sentimental to throw them off). Sleep on the beach at ANZAC Cove.
1977-80 Lose camera at gun point three times: in Khyber Pass, Khartoum and Sahara. Still have camera.
1980 Go to Libya to work with a German company building a plastics factory for the colonel. Plastics, at last! Twenty different nationalities at the site, common language = broken english.
1981 After 18mth leave Libya, having never seen any plastic made, to marry Margaret, a Scottish minister's daughter who was on the bus trip. Married at St Andrews. Honeymoon in Ireland.
1982 Having said I was not bringing back any souvenirs I returned to Australia with a pregnant wife and a sea container of stuff. Martin born in June. Bought hovel at Selby, near Belgrave. Worked for CUB for a fortnight before getting a better offer from Consulchem, a general purpose lab in Melbourne.
1983 Ash Wednesday bushfires a couple of months after I join local fire brigade. Survive.
1984 Second son, Richard born.
1985 Went to work at the Coroner's Court labs to test post-mortem drug analysis.
1986 Decided playing with people's livers too risky in the AIDS era - bail out to work at Dunn, Son & Stone, a Melbourne food lab. Get to take the leftovers home, which is more than they would let me do at the Coroner's Court. Give up all hope of ever using my plastics study. Hopelessly out of date anyway.
1987 Moved to Burwood, away from the fire dangers.
1988 Third son, Simon, born.
1989 Buy into partnership at DSS and everything is a blur for a while.
1995 Become one of the few people known to sever the tendon in their foot while making marmalade.
1996 First of six trips on Navy vessels, testing the quality (objectively!) of their sewage. HMAS ANZAC, HMAS Brisbane (since scuttled) twice, HMAS Melville twice, and HMAS Labuan.
1996 Get my 15min of fame by writing to Nigerian conmen and getting funny replies. Publish them on-line and get radio and newspaper interviews from around the world.
1997 Sink back into obscurity.
2003 Mad fool NZ company makes us an offer too good to refuse. Keep working for NZ company.
2005 Get sick of NZ management. Chuck in job. Study psychology part-time at local Uni.
2006 Studying for Graduate Diploma of Psychological Studies full-time.
2006 Developed blogging addiction.
2006 Niece Caroline, 29, lost battle with degenerative disease: MELAS.
2006 Cat, Prim, 17, lost battle with degenerative disease: time.
2006 Trained to be volunteer telephone counsellor.
2006 25th Wedding Anniversary.
2006 Completed Graduate Diploma of Psychological Studies.
2007 Studied Honours in Psychology. (Yes, I can tell what you are thinking and, quite frankly, I am shocked.) Finished with first class honours.
2008 Took a year off and went travelling: Thailand, Malaysia, Borneo, Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Mongolia, Russia, England, Scotland, France, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Peru & Ecuador.
2008 My father died of lung cancer.
2009 Eldest son, Martin, marries Roni Gomez.
2009 Join Silliker Australia as Laboratory Director, Melbourne.
2011 Join DTS Food Assurance, filling a variety of roles, Melbourne.


Other Miscellaneous Information
Shoe Size:     13
Myers Briggs Type Indicator:     INFJ
Favourite colour     Blue.
Star sign:     We Aries don't believe in horoscopes.